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Guided To Safety (GTS) was founded January 2011 to provide resources and education for the awareness and prevention of domestic violence, teen dating violence and sexual assault.  It evolved from four years of: producing V-Day screenings and productions to raise awareness and end violence against women and girls; listening to stories of male and female survivors and witnesses; and receiving requests for further, regular awareness and resources within the community.

GTS was founded as a community effort to shed light on unpleasant subjects and demonstrate the necessity to talk about domestic, sexual, and dating violence.

GTS will support the Petaluma and surrounding communities without prejudice to age, race, gender or sexual preference.

Seed money for Guided To Safety came from the proceeds of V-Day Petaluma 2011, raised by generous community volunteers and sponsors. We look forward to continuing to raise funds and awareness using V-Day as one of several tools. GTS runs on volunteer energy.  We do not have a physical location; we have no overhead.

GTS began raising awareness October 2011, Domestic Violence Awareness Month, with the hanging of banners in strategic locations in Petaluma (check out our “Sponsor” page for those who sponsored a banner!). During February 2012 we have hung banners for Teen Dating Violence Awareness Month and distributed bookmarks stating warning signs to local schools.  In April 2012 we hung banners to recognize Sexual Assault Awareness Month. As funding increases, you’ll see us grow with additional campaigns and programs to educate and change social attitudes toward domestic violence, sexual assault and teen dating violence!

Our site is still in development stage, so please check back regularly, particularly if you are a victim, witness or survivor (be sure to view the “Resources” page).

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We welcome quotes and blogs from victims, witnesses and survivors. Feel free to contact us at


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