•    Executive Committee: The Executive Committee shall have the power to act as the Board of Directors in between Board meetings with limited authority.

•    Finance Committee: The Finance Committee shall review all financial statements, approve annual audit reports, approve the budget, and the selection of an independent accountant.

•    Policy & Procedures Committee: This committee shall review all policy changes, review all changes to the Bylaws as requested by the Board, and adjudicate any disputes or complaints.

•    Outreach & Development Committee: This committee shall initiate and supervise efforts to expand public awareness of GTS, and develop fundraising goals and initiatives.  They build mutually beneficial relationships between TGS and the public through strategic communication.

•    Education Committee: This committee is responsible for facilitating our education programs and workshops in the community.  It is also responsible for sourcing and researching existing tools and courses, advising board of best options.

•    Website Committee: This committee regularly reviews website content and makes necessary recommendations to the Board.

•    Social Media Committee: This committee maintains GTS’s visibility on Facebook, Twitter, and regular website blogging.

•    Youth Advisory Committee: This committee of local youth, ages 11 through 18, advise the Board of how to best to reach out to youth, raise awareness on adolescent dating violence, and assist in educating local youth.

•  Fundraising Committee: create and implement events and activities to raise funds for Guided to Safety.  May include “dine & donate” events, stage productions, etc.


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