The Snow Angel

I came home a couple weeks ago to find a pretty gift bag hanging on the front door, with a gift tag that simply read, “Trish … for all that you do for women.”  I stared the at the handwriting often, attempting to determine who the kind gift-giver was.

In unwrapping the surprise, I discovered Glen Beck’s recent release of “The Snow Angel.”  Now, at the time, I assumed it had to do with the holidays; and it is about the holidays and so much more.  I set it aside, placing it in my reading que behind the current read, “Cutting For Stone.”

A couple days after receiving this gift, I found an email from my Gift Fairy, Annie of EveryMay Garden Center, sharing her feelings and views of the story.

A story of relationship abuse and redemption, inspired by Glenn Beck’s own childhood, hich he wrote for his wife, daughters, sisters and mother.  It is also a story of us, as parents and our perception of what our children are capable of vs their actual strength.  A story of friendship and how important it is as a friend to take the initiative to talk with those we believe are being abused … to bring it out in the open and let the victim know they’re not alone.  It’s also a story of healing relationships.

It’s a realistic read about how we can talk ourselves through relationship abuse, blaming ourselves vs the abuser.  Yet by letting in those that can help us we can find the strength to move into a future free from our past.

Thank you, Annie!  A lovely read!

~ Trisha Almond

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