Friendship Pledge

I have a responsibility:

  • To ask my friend if everything is alright and keep asking questions until they feel comfortable talking back
  • To listen to them
  • To believe them
  • To follow my instincts
  • To not minimize their struggle
  • To not judge them
  • To not blame them
  • To tell them it is not their fault. You can never make someone else hurt you.
  • To tell them they deserves respect
  • To encourage them to get help from a school counselor, a parent, law enforcement
  • To tell them there is never a reason to stay if they feels afraid, unhappy or abused
  • To highlight their positive qualities and help restore their self-confidence
  • To keep myself safe
  • To never be SILENT

1 in 3 females
have been or will be abused in a relationship
and 66 percent of cases will go unreported.
1 in 33 males
will be survivors of rape.
Reach out to your friends and give them the courage to speak out.


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