• 44% of victims are UNDER age 18 (RAINN)
  • Every 2 minutes, someone in the US is sexually assaulted. (U.S. Department of Justice’s National Crime Victimization)
  • 60% of sexual assaults are not reported to the police – one of the most under reported crimes (RAINN)
  • Approximately 2/3 of sexual assaults are committee by someone known to the victim (RAINN)

Sexual assault can happen to anyone of any age, race, gender, and socioeconomic background — at any time or any place.

  • Sex offenders can be of any age, race, class, or occupation.
  • Sexual assault occurs as frequently during the day as it does at night.
  • Research shows that a woman’s chances of being sexually assaulted during her lifetime may be as high as 1 in 3.
  • It is estimated that 80-85% of rapists are known to the adult they attack. “Acquaintance rape” by a friend, new acquaintance, or coworker is frequent, particularly among young, single women.
  • Statistics show that 50% of sexual assaults occur in or around a woman’s home, 50% during the day.
  • Every minute in the United States, 1.3 adult women are raped.
  • Up to 60% of sexual assault offenders reported being under the influence of alcohol.
  • 40% of victims of sexual assault had been drinking alcohol.

The California Coalition Against Sexual Assault (CALCASA) reported in a study surveying over 6,000 students at 32 colleges and universities in the U.S. indicates that:

  • 1 in 3 women had been victims of rape or attempted rape.
  • 84% of those raped knew their attacker, and 57% of the rapes happened on dates.
  • Only 27% of the women whose sexual assault met the legal definition of rape thought of themselves as rape victims.
  • 42% of the rape victims told no one about the assault, and only 5% reported it to the police
  • About 75% of the men and at least 55% of the women involved in acquaintance rapes had been drinking or taking drugs just before the attack.
  • According to the National Institute of Justice, rape is the costliest crime in the U.S., exacting $86,500 in tangible and intangible costs per victim.
  • Results of a 1997 study of sexual coercion within gay and lesbian relationships indicated that 52% of the total sample reported having experienced at least one incident of sexual coercion. 55% of the gay men and 50% of the lesbians in this study reported unwanted penetration. 33% of the gay men and 32% of the lesbians in this study reported unwanted fondling.
  • In 1992, the National Victim Center reported that 9 out of 10 rapes go unreported.

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