Mullenix claims wife threatened him

Argus Courier News Brief
April 26, 2012

In a surprising shift of testimony, Kenneth Mullenix – the Petaluma contractor standing trial for first-degree murder of his wife Buapha Mullennix – testified Tuesday that he shot and killed his wife after she aimed the gun at him, threatening him and their two daughters.

According to an April Press Democrat story, Mullennix has repeatedly testified that he was very drunk the night of the shooting and did not remember how he shot his wife.  Mullennix took the stand in his own defense for the fist time Tuesday, and testified that he remembered his wife aiming the Glock semiautomatic pistol at him first, after seeing a video-taped interview with the couple’s daughter, then 10-years old.

The recollection contradicts multiple recorded statements in which Mullennix said his wife had no weapon and nothing in her hands that he could remember.  Mullennix testified that he had no idea how the weapon he had hidden in a bookshelf would up in his wife’s possession, or when he took control of the firearm.  Mullennix has also been charged with a gun enhancement and could face 50 years to life in prison if convicted.  A second-degree murder or voluntary manslaughter conviction would significantly reduce his sentence.

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