In Love & In Danger

In Love and in Danger:  a teen’s guide to breaking free of abusive relationships

In Love and In DangerWith one out of three adolescents experiencing some form of physical, emotional/verbal, or sexual abuse by a boyfriend or girlfriend, our youth need to know where they can turn for help.  In Love and in Danger, by MSW Barry Levy, is for teenagers who have quesitons about abusive dating relationships, whether their own or a friend’s.  It helps them understand the causes and consequences of their situation, learn what they can do about it, find help from parents and other adults, and discover how to build healthier relationships.

In Love and in Danger addresses young adults directly in a straightforward and non-condescending manner. Included are a wealth of stories from teens, facts about dating violence, tips for how to tell if your relationship is abusive, information on why dating abuse happens, and what you can do if you are being abused by (or are abusing) someone you love.  There is also a section containing advice for parents who believe there child is in an unhealthy relationship.

Two Thumbs, Way Up for this book!

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