Focusing Treatment on Perpetrator vs Victim

New research out of the University of Houston has focused on treating the prepetrators of intimate partner violence (aka domestic violence, relationship violence) and their need for power and control.  Traditionally, research has been on the victims. Domestic Violence: New Research Focuses On Treatment for Perpetrator, Not Victim ScienceDaily (July 31, 2012) — A new […]

Let’s Face It – Sunday, August 12

“Intimate Partner abuse does not discriminate against age, race, sexual orientation, religion, gender, educational background or income level.  It effects not only the immediate family, it also impacts the community and the world as a whole.” Raise Your Awareness by Attending this Event.  Let’s come together to end intimate partner violence.  LET’S FACE IT! As […]

Mullenix claims wife threatened him

Argus Courier News Brief April 26, 2012 In a surprising shift of testimony, Kenneth Mullenix – the Petaluma contractor standing trial for first-degree murder of his wife Buapha Mullennix – testified Tuesday that he shot and killed his wife after she aimed the gun at him, threatening him and their two daughters. According to an April Press […]

Suspected DV Incident in Petaluma

  A Petaluma man, Kevin Conover, is dead and his wife, Kim Baucom-Conover, is in critical condition after a 2:00pm attempted murder and suicide (shooting) today on Keller Street in downtown Petaluma. UPDATE: it has come to our attention that Kim Baucom-Conover, who was hospitalized after being shot, has passed.  This now leaves children behind without either […]

April Awakens Sexual Abuse Awareness

by Jody K Althouse April brings images of springtime: buds, flowers, green grass and baby animals. A fresh start, a rebirth, a resurgence of life lies just ahead. Visions of sunny days, blue skies, fresh air and new beginnings fill our waking hours. But, April is much more than this. April is the time to […]

5 Things Too $hort & Hip-Hop Media Can Learn About Sexual Violence

By Akiba Solomon While others were blasting the Oklahoma senate for approving zygote-rights bill , the Republican-led House Oversight and Government Reform Committee for holding a birth control hearing without a single woman testifying, and Virginia for trying to pass a law requiring women who want an abortion to undergo an unnecessary, invasive vaginal […]

V-Day Petaluma 2012 Productions Announced!

Guided To Safety will be the beneficiary of V-Day Petaluma 2012 Featuring Staged Productions of … “A Memory, A Monologue, A Rant & A Prayer“ February 17 & 18 “The Vagina Monologues“ March 1, 2 & 3   At the Award-Winning Pelican Art Gallery Performed by members of the Petaluma community … your sisters, grandmothers, […]

The Snow Angel

I came home a couple weeks ago to find a pretty gift bag hanging on the front door, with a gift tag that simply read, “Trish … for all that you do for women.”  I stared the at the handwriting often, attempting to determine who the kind gift-giver was. In unwrapping the surprise, I discovered […]