Mullenix claims wife threatened him

Argus Courier News Brief April 26, 2012 In a surprising shift of testimony, Kenneth Mullenix – the Petaluma contractor standing trial for first-degree murder of his wife Buapha Mullennix – testified Tuesday that he shot and killed his wife after she aimed the gun at him, threatening him and their two daughters. According to an April Press […]

Suspected DV Incident in Petaluma

  A Petaluma man, Kevin Conover, is dead and his wife, Kim Baucom-Conover, is in critical condition after a 2:00pm attempted murder and suicide (shooting) today on Keller Street in downtown Petaluma. UPDATE: it has come to our attention that Kim Baucom-Conover, who was hospitalized after being shot, has passed.  This now leaves children behind without either […]

April Awakens Sexual Abuse Awareness

by Jody K Althouse April brings images of springtime: buds, flowers, green grass and baby animals. A fresh start, a rebirth, a resurgence of life lies just ahead. Visions of sunny days, blue skies, fresh air and new beginnings fill our waking hours. But, April is much more than this. April is the time to […]

5 Things Too $hort & Hip-Hop Media Can Learn About Sexual Violence

By Akiba Solomon While others were blasting the Oklahoma senate for approving zygote-rights bill , the Republican-led House Oversight and Government Reform Committee for holding a birth control hearing without a single woman testifying, and Virginia for trying to pass a law requiring women who want an abortion to undergo an unnecessary, invasive vaginal […]

The Senate and Grammys condone domestic abuse

Republicans won’t back a key anti-violence act, Chris Brown is celebrated — and the Internet just cheers along By Mary Elizabeth Williams It’s a great time to be a domestic abuser. Just last week, not a single Republican on the Senate Judiciary Committee voted to reauthorize the Violence Against Women Act -– a law that […]

Thank You, Petaluma!

Thank you, Petaluma, for your commitment to the empowerment of women and girls and tonight’s sell-out screening of Miss Representation!  This was a great success, though we’re saddened so many who wished to raise their awareness had to be turned away. For those who expressed interest in the many statistics shared in the documentary, an interest […]