In Love & In Danger

In Love & In Danger

In Love and in Danger:  a teen’s guide to breaking free of abusive relationships With one out of three adolescents experiencing some form of physical, emotional/verbal, or sexual abuse by a boyfriend or girlfriend, our youth need to know where they can turn for help.  In Love and in Danger, by MSW Barry Levy, is […]

Sisters Lori & Kim

2013 ({V})Warrior Announced!

Being a Vagina Warrior “means developing the spiritual muscle to enter and survive the grief that violence brings and, in that dangerous space of stunned unknowing, inviting the deeper wisdom.” – Eve Ensler Petaluma resident Lori Burleson has been chosen as V-Day Petaluma’s 2013 Vagina Warrior.  This recognition honors a person of any gender identification […]

Georgia Moses – rededication ceremony

This afternoon, 3:30pm, at Petaluma City Hall will be a rededication ceremony of the recently transplanted memorial for Georgia Moses, a 12-year old who was left naked and dead under a tree very close to the Petaluma Blvd. South on ramp to Highway 101.  In attendance will be representatives from various organizations including the Family Justice Center, […]

Warning Sign #10

Petaluma Youth – Steppin’ Up To The Plate!

Elementary to high school students, youth groups and more … many of our young citizens have been doing their part to support the Conover & Sullivan children.  Donations have come in from a Girl Scout bake sale, Petaluma Youth Lacrosse League fund raiser, Kenilworth Junior High Student Body dance, and a Casa Grande High School Associated Student Body […]

Dine & Donate All Day Today!

                   Come on out             ALL DAY TODAY for a  Dine & Donate in support of the                          Conover & Sullivan Children                   at these Dining & Dessert Locations! Enjoy a delicious breakfast, lunch, dinner and/or dessert at the following establishments today, May 3, while also contributing to the Conover & Sullivan Children … Guided To Safety volunteers […]

Mullenix claims wife threatened him

Argus Courier News Brief April 26, 2012 In a surprising shift of testimony, Kenneth Mullenix – the Petaluma contractor standing trial for first-degree murder of his wife Buapha Mullennix – testified Tuesday that he shot and killed his wife after she aimed the gun at him, threatening him and their two daughters. According to an April Press […]

Purchase + Dine + Dessert = Donate to the Children

Thanks to the generousity of local merchants and eating establishments, there will be several opportunites to donate to the GTS Conover & Sullivan Children account over the next month. Participating businesses as of today include: April 19 – TONIGHT!   April 26             April 27                 May 3        Cafe Giostra         Lala’s Creamery

Credit Card Donations for Conover & Sullivan Children

Thanks to the assistance of Jennifer March, we now have a credit card option available for making donations to the GTS Conover & Sullivan Children account.  To use your credit card, please visit the donation page by clicking here and scrolling down to “Credit Cards” for a link to our PayPal donations account.  On another note … while […]

Suspected DV Incident in Petaluma

  A Petaluma man, Kevin Conover, is dead and his wife, Kim Baucom-Conover, is in critical condition after a 2:00pm attempted murder and suicide (shooting) today on Keller Street in downtown Petaluma. UPDATE: it has come to our attention that Kim Baucom-Conover, who was hospitalized after being shot, has passed.  This now leaves children behind without either […]